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What is the durability of pheromones on my skin?

Most - the short answer is about 8 hours.

You may find that the optimal time to act is much more - less than 8 hours, this most - now depends on the type and concentration and effects of the product used, place and manner of putting it.

In general, most products operate for a maximum of 6-8 hours, but:

Some pheromones are absorbed into your skin and will remain there for - long / accumulation /.
More - less than needed for effective action pheromones will remain in your skin after 8:00 .
Bacterial effects can also degrade pheromones to other compounds.
Most - optimal effect of the product is about 4-5 hours.
Tip : If for reasons of a different nature within five hours you achieve the goals you set at the desired object, but you still have the time, desire or '' finishing '' activities, then rinse the skin with water and soap / shampoo Verona and others. / Or alcohol / our preparations pheromones old, dry well and apply again

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